Welcome to PeriyarTBI

1.PeTI Shop (Periyar Tbi Incubatees Shop)

opened on 2nd December 2011 was a small step towards encouraging women who are at the first step of their business.This shop is housed inside the PMU campus, selling the products of women who after training at our incubator start producing some products. They sell food mixes, ornaments,fabrics, snacks,health products,sanitation products etc.The consumers are staff and students from the PMU offer lot more suggestions which are useful to update their products.The educated client base created confidence in the women By attending to them the members of PeTI shop list the following improvement s

1. Better communication skills

2. Better dress code for public presentation

3. A deep knowledge on products they make

4. Competitive spirit while facing any issues in general

5. Team building among the members

2. MAPTHA (Metal Art Plate makers of THAnjavur)

With a view to support the "work to labour" level artisans into an active cluster, we have initiated the club.Though the membership is very less, the affiliation with the e-club makes the product sale a quality one as told by the members. 10 members of the club received bank loans individually in 2011.

3.SAWETHA (SAngamam Women Entrepreneurs of THAnjavur)

Women who start their business through Periyar TBI become members of SAWETHA.Appears to be a small beginning, the women e-club will soon reach heights to have a common brand for all their products for improved market access and bigger visibility. The e-club also invites membership from women entrepreneurs across Thanjavur district.