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What is e-club?

Ministry of MSME, New Delhi has introduced the scheme to create a base for Entrepreneurs to come together to solve their problems and this is seen as a shift from the lobbying mode to facilitation Mode. Fifty Entrepreneurs joining together will form a club. The Entrepreneurs club will form a forum for meeting of the Entrepreneurs to discuss common problems, identify solution and take corrective action. Initially funds will be provided by office of DC (MSME), New Delhi. Subsequently clubs will generate fund from various sources to become self sustain.


  • To attract new firms and talent to regions.
  • To help capacity building of Micro and Small Enterprises in the region
  • To enhance production process, productivity and competitiveness.
  • To establish technical standards and to facilitate substantial economies of sale.
  • To improve infrastructure through government schemes, Improve regulatory policy,
  • To provide business assistance, Incubator Service, management training and solution for common Problems.
  • To reduce competitiveness among the members

Periyar TBI and e-clubs

Technology Business promotion is the core focus of any TBI, however it has equally the responsibility of promoting the MSMEs in the region. Survival and success of any new enterprise irrespective of its holding size depends on proper guidance and mentoring. Periyar TBI extends its advocacy in promoting e-clubs in Thanjavur district, where in agriculture is the predominant activity and innate entrepreneurial fortitude is absent.

Two all-women e-clubs SAWETHA (mixed activities) and TAIEL (tailoring); MAPTHA (Metal Art Plates of Thanjavur) are in function now. Few more e-clubs to be started.